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Pneumatic and Hydro Excavation

Non- Destructive Hydro Excavation replaces backhoe and other conventional digging methods

Smith Industrial Services offers a Non-Destructive Hydro Excavation service that is essential for enhancing worker safety and preventing expensive and hazardous damages while excavating near service lines. Instead of using destructive mechanical tools and back hoes, SIS hydro excavating process uses a combination of 3000psi water and powerful vacuums to safely excavate and clean around pipes and services lines without causing any harm. This innovative method not only reduces the risk of damaging underground infrastructure, it also enhances worker safety and allows more precise excavation.

An alternative to Hydro Excavation is Pneumatic Excavation. Air excavation is used when water is not preferred or allowed. Ultra high-pressure air can excavate around the most sensitive utilities. When the project is complete, the recovered soil is still dry which allows for onsite dumping without the need for dewatering or disposal.

Currently, SIS is successfully employing this technique in gas fields, nuclear facilities, electric power providers, municipalities, and various other sectors.

The SIS Non- Destructive Hydro Excavating method is also useful in:

• Cage and Trench Shoring

• Potholing

• Piling Holes

• Horizontal Directional Drilling

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