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At Smith Industrial Services, we take pride in delivering a diverse range of top-notch industrial and municipal services tailored to meet your unique needs. Our commitment to excellence and safety sets us apart as the go-to partner for companies seeking reliable and efficient solutions.

The SIS Process


Assessing Your Needs

First, an SIS assessment team will meet with you on site to carefully review your specific needs. This team will take the time to create a full report with recommendations. This thorough, detailed process assures a complete understanding of the task at hand and the expectations of everyone involved.


Scope of Services And Estimates

Next a scope of services report will describe what SIS determines will be necessary solutions as well as the costs to complete the job. Once the overall project scope is approved, the SIS team swings into action to complete your job.


Getting The Job Done Right

Since 1969, we have been committed to exceeding our client’s expectations. The result of this total commitment is a huge array of highly advanced equipment, much of it developed by the Smith Industrial Services team. When we say we will custom design a program to fill your specific need we mean it!

Comprehensive Services

Ensure 100% Satisfaction

Read more about each of our services:

SIS Automation Photo Collage..png


Automation is the future of industrial cleaning and SIS is on the leading edge of industrial cleaning technology. Our automation solutions provide a safe working environment, eliminating the typical dangers of confined space entry and hand-held cleaning methods. Not only is automation safer, in most cases, it is faster and more consistent.

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