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Chemical Cleaning

Serving the pulp and paper industry, chemical plants and oil and gas fields

SIS is a trusted provider of chemical cleaning services to the pulp and paper industry, chemical plants, and oil and gas fields across the United States. Our commitment lies in ensuring safety, quality, dependability, and cost-effectiveness throughout every step of the process.

We understand that minimizing downtime is crucial for our clients. To expedite the process and minimize any disruptions, our experienced crews are briefed with a comprehensive process game plan for each project prior to arriving on-site. This meticulous planning ensures that the next phase of the process is already prepared and ready to be implemented, eliminating any unnecessary delays and resulting in a faster turn-around time. Our dedicated project managers take into account various factors such as system metallurgy, flow rates, degree of fouling, and operational parameters.

With a diverse range of chemistry options including alkalis, acids, inhibitors, wetting agents, sequestrates, and organic solvents, we will carefully select and utilize the most suitable chemical formulation for your specific requirements.

Chemical Cleaning Services include but are not limited to:

  • Pipe and line cleaning

  • Heat exchanger cleaning

  • Tank neutralizations

  • Boiler cleaning

  • Wood digester cleaning

  • Decontamination of equipment 

  • Waste disposal/remediation

  • New construction pre-conditioning cleaning

  • Pickle and passivation 

  • Foam cleaning/degreasing of equipment

  • Degassing of systems for personnel entry

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