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Automation is the future of industrial cleaning and SIS is on the leading edge of industrial cleaning technology. Our automation solutions provide a safe working environment, eliminating the typical dangers of confined space entry and hand-held cleaning methods. Not only is automation safer, in most cases, it is faster and more consistent.

Our Automation Services include:

Steel Cutting

When cold cuts are required, our track system provides precision cutting at the push of a button. Applications include tanks, door sheets, radial cutting of pipes when flammable materials are present.

Vacuum Robot

Our Gerotto Vacuum Robot allows cleaning of tanks and vessels with hazardous materials without having to enter the tank. Jobs typically done with multiple people under supplied breathing air can now be performed remotely from a safe area. With multiple attachments, the Gerotto is sure to tackle your toughest tank job. 

Flex Lance Machine

The Flex Lance Machine provides a hands-free solution to exchanger cleaning. Typically paired with  a rotary tube cleaning nozzle, this machine can run up to 3 flex lances at once, increasing production and consistency in tube cleaning.

Rigid Lance Machine

When more forward jet power is required to power through hard material, the Rigid Lance Machine is the answer. Applications include liquor heaters, evaporators, condensers, and heat exchangers.

3D Nozzles

Our 3D Nozzles allow tanks and vessels to be cleaned without the need for confined space entry. With pressures up to 20,000psi and volumes exceeding 200gpm there is no job too large for a 3D Nozzle.

Boiler Floor Cleaner

Smith Industrial Service utilizes specialized tools designed for boiler floors to accurately position the rotating head within the boiler. These tools are capable of extending  to the rear wall of the boiler and can be adjusted to effectively clean difficult-to-access areas.

Automated Remote Manipulator (ARM)

The ARM lets an operator manipulate a variety of water blasting tools from the safety and comfort of a climate controlled cab. This application has proven to be safer, more efficient, and more consistent at cleaning tube bundles and a variety of other surface cleaning projects.

Cable Swivel Tool

The CST nozzle is an air powered nozzle that drives on a cable. Applications include large vessels, boilers, superheaters, economizers, precipitators, and other hard to reach locations.

Automation Gallery

Industrial cleaning can involve hazardous materials or environments. Automation reduces the need for human workers to be exposed to these risks, improving overall safety in the workplace.

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