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Industries Served

SIS provides solutions for a diverse group of industries with a wide range of cleaning and maintenance challenges. We offer a 24/7 service with fast response time to help our customers reduce downtime.

We perform work for the following industries:


Pulp and Paper

We specialize in delivering customized and efficient cleaning solutions for the pulp and paper industry. Our services include personalized solutions for vacuuming, hydroblasting, chemical cleaning, and other specialized cleaning techniques. We leverage highly productive automated capabilities specifically tailored to address the unique challenges faced in the pulp and paper sector.


Other Markets

Our broad line of industrial cleaning and specialty services combined with seasoned expert personnel enable us to handle the challenges of all major industries. Our clients include manufacturing, automotive, food and beverage, plastics, tobacco, rubber, marine, aviation and everything in between.


Metals, Alloys & Mining

With reliable, 24/7 response and extensive cleaning expertise in steel and alloy mills, along with mines, we deliver efficient, high-quality, safety-compliant (adhering to MSHA & OSHA standards as applicable) services such as vacuuming, hydroblasting, and other specialized solutions. 


Power Generation

We serve as your all-encompassing industrial services partner, offering solutions for industrial cleaning, hydro-demolition, and hydro/pneumatic excavation in natural gas, coal-fired, nuclear, and cogeneration plants.


Oil & Gas

We deeply embed ourselves in refineries, petrochemical facilities, chemical plants, and LNG plants to enhance efficiency, boost production, cut down on energy expenses, and optimize operational uptime. Whether it's hydroblasting, vacuuming, or chemical cleaning, we serve as a comprehensive solution for all industrial cleaning challenges.

Sewage Treatment Plant


We specialize in providing municipalities with expert line cleaning services and comprehensive waste water, sewer, drainage and various infrastructure needs. With a dedicated focus on quality and efficiency, we are committed to supporting the essential functions of municipal systems.


We are committed to being the leading industrial cleaning contractor in regard to safety, ethics, productivity, and customer satisfaction.

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